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Everything about me


I am Kristiyana and I am a PR student at Solent University. This blog is about my personal experience, emotions and goals that i want to achieve this academic year. I love writing, through the years i wrote many poems and stories about another worlds where you can find yourself, however, blogging is something new for me and please, don’t judge me that much.

I think that i should start with something about me. I am a total movie nerd, which likes basically every movie or a TV series. This is a way for me to relax after a long day of lectures and studying. Also, I am a fan of classical music, which is not that common these days but i think that every person needs a little bit of Beethoven or Chopin in his life. My favourite colours are blue, black and burgundy. My friends describe me as a really funny friend, however, I am also a good listener and maybe if i didn’t apply for becoming a PR i would become a physiologist. I love art and this has been a big part in my life along writing.

I have many goals this year and I will give everything from myself so i can achieve them. My main goal is to become a successful PR. Solent was a new chapter in my life. It has been 4 months since i came in Southampton and maybe this was one of my best decisions.

I hope you like what i post and please, leave comments. Don’t forget that your opinion matters!

Thank you for your time!

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3 thoughts on “Everything about me

  1. The best luck with your goals! Nice to know that you enjoy classical music I do enjoy it too. Classical music for me is like meditation, sometimes very needed.

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  2. I’m sorry I missed this post! Do you have a favorite genre of films or do you just take on an entire oscar season? I’m not much a film watcher but there are films I’m looking forward to watching, like Marriage Story. I love Antonio Vivaldi – Spring – very much. I, too, wish to become successful at PR, so happy to have a goal buddy! #teamwork


  3. So so proud of you. Wish you the best of luck, I know you can do this. ☺️


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