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Following the trends

Week 3

This week in class we were looking the behavior of the consumer and how different aspects influence on their choice for purchasing. Marketers have to stay in touch with the latest trends and to learn how people react towards a product.

Phycology plays a big part in Marketing. Its not only prices and promotions, but also understanding the personality of the the person.

Many people, most of them kids and teenagers, follow the example of famous people like singers, actors ect., in comparison with adults, who focus more on their basic needs, rather than following the idols. Today I will describe how kids, teenagers and adults follow the trends.


Every kid likes to watch cartoons and also to have the things that other children have. They look from each other and if one of them buys a toy, the others will follow the example of that child and will buy the exact toy as him. Most of the time they play and live in their kind of reality and often are influenced by the heroes from the cartoons and for that matter parents don’t have other choice but to buy the merch. It could be different kind of things like clothes, toys, objects (watches, umbrellas, cups, ect.), even sheets with their favourite cartoon characters.

I remember when I was little that I had Winx sheets and Winx curtains, because this was the most famous cartoon among my friends and also everyone had something from the show. I got really interested and looked for information from the Frozen merchandising, really popular Disney animation. The whole internet was filled with articles about how there are not enough Frozen products and how parents panic because of this.

According to TMZ, Trust Your Journey claim to have sold their range of products at gift shops as well as through QVC and Cracker Barrel, grossing almost $4 million (£3,037,600) in sales.


On the other hand, teenagers are influenced more by their idols like singers and actors. They imitate the behavior of the stars and dress like them. Marketers noticed it and they tried to stay in touch with the latest trends. I can give an example with the 18 years old singer Billie Eilish who conquer the music industry in 2019. She is really popular among teenagers and because of this she worked with many popular teen brands like Bershka, the LA-based label Freak City and Urban Outfitters.

Her current contract is with H&M where every fan can buy boxy t-shirts, oversized sweaters, and bucket hats, all emblazoned with her distinctive logo, made entirely from sustainable materials.


Adults do not follow the latest trends that much and most of them don’t imitate their idols like the other two groups. Their clothes for example are more plain, they have to dress accordingly for their jobs, either more formal or dress casually. I rarely see adults dressed with their idols clothes, because they behave more mature and do different activities from the teenagers or the kids.

In conclusion, every group has its own needs and preferences. The marketers need to stay in touch with the latest trends so they can attract the interest of the consumers and sell theirs items.

Thank you for reading and have a nice week!

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7 thoughts on “Following the trends

  1. I love the different examples here. I had a Sailor Moon anime book when I was younger but wasn’t addicted to it like I was addicted to reading fairytales up until 8 or 9 years old. It’s funny how in my day there weren’t so many things you could buy (film merch or merch in general) but now we are buried deep. Again, love your posts so far!

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  2. You give your own examples and do research online to prove your point that’s good. Market trends are important to consumers, and different age groups have different needs, so marketers need to know about each age group. Position and price them accordingly.

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  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog post, it is very interesting. I agree with you, trends are very important in marketing. marketers must know the different needs and wants of each age group. Demographics are also important in the trends analysis as you won’t find the same trends in France than in Russia, and a Japanese teenager and an Spanish teenager won’t like the same things and follow the same trends. Your research is really good, I love your blog, keep going!!

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  4. I like how you looked at three case studies and gave your insight to what their purchasing trends are like. This shows a deep understanding of the lesson taught . However further information could be added to this like suggestions in how to improve each age group but overall a good blog post . Well done!!!!!!

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  5. While this is the actual truth itself – kids and teens following trends and looking up to their idols, I personally believe that there should be some boundaries. It’s one thing to dress like your favourite celebrities, it’s another to act like them and actually try your best to BE them. One should not loose themselves in order to follow a trend or to be someone else. People need to remember who they are and be themselves, while having interests, but not letting those interests absorb their being.


  6. After reading your post I remembered that when I was a child I was obsessed with Barbie movies and I had so many Barbie dolls, with which I used to play every single day. It’s intresting to see how we change througout the years.


  7. I loved how you explained the lecture content with a lot of examples! this makes the understanding of the theory much easier. I completely agree with you when you say that trends are important for marketing and marketers should be aware of the latest trends if they want to captivate a wider range of public. Trends change and so does people’s tastes. I think you did a really good job with this post!

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