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The innumerable layers of one person

Week 4

The psychology – one science that I’m interested in it from a long time. Thanks to that subject we can examine a person, how he feels, thinks and acts based on the information in books and research from doctors and professors.

This week in consumer behaviour class, we studied a really interesting topic about the many layers of every person. I learnt information that didn’t know before about the human bevaiour and I wanted to share this with you.

Did you know that you have personality layers? You may know some of them, however, there might be others that you didn’t even know that you had.

I will start with the first one – The Real self.

This component is actually how other people see us- how we behave, how we talk, how we dress and what exactly our style is telling other people about us. However, we all know that this is not the whole story, right? Because of other peoples opinions about myself I tried to changed my personality to adapt on their believes, which didn’t let me show my true self.

Self-image, on the other hand, is the way that we see us, however, sometimes this could be an illusion. Often this understanding about us is influenced by other people. Nowadays, this is a big problem, especially among teenagers, because this is one fragile age, in which they develop as an individuals and even the slightest things could mark them for a whole lifetime. The mocking, the fact that we may not be good enough, our low esteem ect., is the reason why most people are depressed and that’s why you can see signs by giving help if you are not feeling well.

I remember that there was one extremely sensitive girl at school who used to get sad by the smallest thing. In every school there are “bullies” who call other people names or are treating them bad without a reason or just for fun. These boys used to call this girl chubby, although she wasn’t and because of this she crashed mentally. After this the girl only ate one time a day, barely drank water and also started smoking, because she read online that the nicotine helps loosing weight. This of course led to nothing good, she got sick from bulimia, lost weight and when she saw herself in the mirror, she was seeing the reflection that she think she was. Thanks to her parents and school advisers, she healed.

The third component is the Looking glass self – the way we think people see us. A really good example for this is the social media. The life of everyone looks perfect, right? Smiley photos, beautiful places, a different world where everyone see us happy. We think that people see the only good and bad things in us, but what exactly is the truth?

Do you have the perfect image of yourself that you keep chasing? Probably becoming a pilot, teacher, lawyer, actor ect… This is the Ideal- self – the way that we wished we were.

We have a project in Communication in Organisation and the topic I have choose is motivation and now I realise how everything is connected. The ideal-self is the same as the motivation, because the motivation is the little voice in our head that keeps whispering to achieve our goals.

The last layer is the Possible self and this is the person that we want to become and at the same time not, because we feel it’s bad. For instance, 3 years ago I wanted to become a writer, however, in time I realized that this wouldn’t lead me to anything good and actually I’m not sure if I wanted to do this as a work or as a hobby and now, here I am – studying PR at Solent University, while I’m still writing in my free time.

Do you agree with this theory? Tell me if you had experiences like mine!

I really hope that you liked this blog and that I made you really think about it.



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4 thoughts on “The innumerable layers of one person

  1. Brilliant post(as usual) from you! I’m in my feelings over cases like the girl in your school who was overly sensitive that she fell into herself but I think now she’s a stronger person because of what she’s been through and knows how to overcome these kind of struggles. Social media, just like our environment can be triggering bad behaviours like smoking, stealing, can lead to depression and so on. That is why we need to focus on the inner, not outer. Youngsters should find validation from themselves not outside(family, friends) but it is difficult if those things weren’t taught about at home or if they don’t find that strength within themselves.

    P.S Be careful with grammar, there are some small errors here and there(install grammarly in chrome browser, that helps).


  2. What an engaging and rich post. Like it a lot! It really can be confusing when you think about how many different layers we have as individuals. I can certainly say that I still am discovering new layers in me and sometimes am surprised when discovering new aspects of myself. It seems that new situations, new experiences make us grow with another new layer.
    Love the Narcissus painting and the story behind it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another amazing post! Keep going that way! I have to say, this post got me thinking of so many girls, who thought that they weren’t enough for someone or that they won’t achieve their goals and end up unsatisfied with themselves. Probably most of us have been in a situation like this but getting up and searching for the motivation to go on is hard.


  4. Hi! Your post is very informative, you explained very well the theory so we can understand it easily (I honestly think that this theory could be quite difficult to understand the first time we read about it). Your examples are also very good and I think that they perfectly illustrate each part of the “layers of a person”. Well done Krissi! In my opinion, it is very important to study this kind of topic because it allows us to understand more ourselves which is the key to success: how can you understand the world you live in if you don’t understand yourself?


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